Horus Energypyramids®

Welcome to Kyborg Institute Switzerland!

A new age has just started! We are learning to use the enormous potential of new inexhaustible energy sources. By combinating spiritual experiences, cognitions and the knowledge of ancient cultures with modern technology, new energetic devices with undreamed properties can be created!
Horus Energy Pyramids are such a discovery. They are the result of a long search for holistic energy concepts, which consider the consciousness and the chakras of a human being. They give you the possibility to discover what a human being really is and to develop your mental abilities!
Energy Pyramids are compatible with the chinese Feng Shui concept and they are perfect to harmonize and energize your buildings and plots.
Horus Energy Pyramids exist since 1990, and meanwhile a worlwide network in 44 countries has arised.
We wish you a prosperous time and a lot of fun studying our pages!
The future starts here!

"The most generous developments have been reached, where two totally different ways of thinking coincided." Werner Heisenberg


The Beginning of a New Era of Spiritual Technics

We are beginning a new era of technology with the unique bioactive energy fields from Kyborg Energy Pyramids: You can purify your living and working place and advance your life´s quallity with the Energy Pyramids™: through a screening from geographical zones and water routes. Protection from electrosmog by stabilizing your immune and resistance system. Relax and sleep better after the screening from your home with a overwhelming amount of Prana (life energy).

With the right feeling for spiritual powers the special bio-active power field of the Original Kyborg Energy Pyramids™ insures you a high achivement level and happiness in life. Use the creative potential of the subtil energyfields to increase your spiritual capacity and to reach your goals. Bring harmony into your working area by reducing human tensions with the harmonious, bioactive powerfields. Gain a new feeling of security and harmony!

In the summer of 1990 in the garden of the Kyborg institute, D. H. Alke felt inspired to build two pyramids attached into each other in the middle with a plexiglass rod (a biological neutral plastic). The double pyramid is 2 yards high, and you can even stand inside of it. Later on he got to know that the inspiration came to him through medial guidence by Horus™. Since then many people have used the energy pyramids and agree together with their reports about a calming and harmonious effect.

After just a few minutes they feel full of new life and fresh energy. Everybody can feel the living power that constantly flows out of the Original Kyborg Energy Pyramid™. We are working with kosmic and earthborn energy radiations. So we stabilize and protect our environment. In the mean time we have 19 years of experience with best results.


Model A

Model A 7,2 inch high has strongly effects on our heart chakra. You recieve a whole new feeling of warmth, safeness and closeness within yourselve. This Horus Energypyramid® A stabilizes with its bioactive powerfields our ability of selfhealing and selfrealisation. It also has an effect from at least 20 yards diameter to purify against electrosmog and negative earth radiations. With daily meditations on the Horus Energypyramid® you will live and sleep peacefully under the shelter of divin forces. You recieve a new feeling of warmth, safeness and closeness within yourself.

Price: Euro 419.-

Model B

Model B about 18 in. high. it has a strong screening field with at least a 60 yards diameter, it's much more powerfull than model A. It mainly stimulates our 3.rd chakra und herewith our personal power output. It is mentioned for people who need stimulation for intensive duties and power intensive jobs. With model B and C we build a bridge between our area and higher cosmic levels to get a flow of cosmic energy into our area. It will give us a chance of new thoughts and new creativity, that's what we really need in these days.
Model B stabilizes our genitic code. It's the answer to all sorts of pollution. The question of how healthy we are depends on the strength of our magnetic field from our chromosoms and our cellnucleus. A weakness of our immunity begins with the weakning of our magnetic field from inherited substances! It was proven with the photoghraphy from Kirlian that this type of double-pyramid strengthens our energy influence from the akupunctur meridians. The power field also protects us from radioactive consequences, proven through the bio-resonance - measurements amoung others from Dr. Melischko. Medical research from Dr. Schimmel with VEGA-test instruments show that human connective tissue (skin) in laboratory cultur ages considerably slower!
You could achive even more intenseness of pyramid energy with the new Cristallrods.

Price: Euro 1649.-


Model C

Model C 72 inch high floods the whole enviroment with Prana (Orgon) which causes an overwhelming life energy and makes life worth living again. This Pyramid can screen a diameter from over 500 yards. Many people using these pyramids tell us about a therapeutical, intensive spirituel feeling where old emotional burdens seem to be cleared. Healing processeses can be seen and a feeling of personal freedom araises. This model has a strong effect on the chakras 1, 4 and 7. It is best for deep meditation, and it will give you shelter from all kind of negative mental influences coming from outside to your place. Once the pyramid is filled with rheinstones it intensifies and raises its vibrations.

Price: Euro 2349.-

Model D

Model D

Model D (270 cm)

Model D builds up a field of energetic stimulation of the subconsciousness of humans for a better understanding of each other without talking to each other. If you enter such a pyramid D you are in the center of this communicativ energy. You will be able to transmit your emotional and mind informations to the human community at all. Go once into a model D and tell all other humans about your best wishes for creativity, humanity, and earth's life development, and be shure, all the others will listen to your clear thoughts in their dreams and in their subconsciousness. Participate activly with the human race!

The taler they get, the more the specific vibration of the Horus Energypyramids are getting finer and higher. So we can say model A, B and C are for the daily use of everybody. But the taler models D to G you will really understand only if you have a certain state of spiritual development. People without experience in meditation will not get a real good channel to this high frequencies. But of course sensitive people will realize easily the value of this energy!

Screening 500 m radius, height 270 cm, basis 450x450 cm, kit made from stainless steel, 150 kg, including filling for central axis of 7 kg best amethyst, compass, manual. Other crystals on demand. Will be delivered with plan of foundation.

€ 11.499,00

Model E

Model E

Model E (360 cm)

Model E is completly different to model D. It opens a channel to the stars, to our brothers and sisters in space. The vibrations of model E are trespassing the energetic field which covers planet earth. There is a shield around earth to give us shelter from hard radiations. This is okay. It is serving our lives. But we have reached a certain state of development where it is good to open our hearts and mind for cosmic contacts. For ourself the vibrations of a model E will be mainly a new kind of creativity and stability.

Sphere of radiation at least 1 km radius, height 360 cm, basis 575x575 cm. Only on binding order, time of delivery 2-3 month, kit from stainless steel, length of tubes 58 m, ca. 200 kg, to be delivered with or without crystal axis. Will be delivered with plan of foundation.

Rates of tall models subject to changes because of international steel prices!

€ 32.799,00